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Welcome to the “New” website for Cabin 10, Inc. You will find that some things have changed a bit but at the very bone, we’re still the same. We received some good advice somewhere along the way… “Keep your eye on the prize… good music, good friends and a good atmosphere! Maintain these three pieces of the puzzle and all others will fall into place.” Changing the name of the Rice Festival was easy enough, since the event is held in Fischer at Fischer Hall on Fischer Store Road, the new name of Fischer Fest seemed logical. However, losing access to Rice Harrington’s great and colorful art work was something we hadn’t thought about. After much discussion and deliberation, the Bored came up with a plan; Why not expand on our scholarship program with the San Marcos Education Foundation, and sponsor a competition to create the festival artwork?

Project Completed on May 1, 2014 in Business, Musicians, Websites.